Small satellites promise to usher in a new era of commercial endeavors and scientific discovery.  At GreenScale Technologies, we are developing the next generation of Additively Manufactured and MEMS-based microthrusters for the small satellite market.  Our innovative design promises an unmatched combination of enhanced performance and low cost.

Our systems are suitable for attitude control or primary propulsion on a range of satellites.  For examples of our products, please check out our product lineup below.

GST-UM50 -- MEMS-based Reaction Control Thrusters

GST-MM50 -- Additively Manufactured Reaction Control Thrusters

GST-M125 -- Additively Manufactured Primary Propulsion

Don't see what you need?  Our technology can scale to a range of satellites and applications.  Contact us at sales@greenscaletech.com and one of our engineers will work with you to find a product thats right for your satellite.